28 days of melanin

« 28 Days of Melanin » project
by R. Alannah Morrison
for Black History Month 2018 in Montreal, Canada :

For the month of February, also known as Black History Month, I will be showcasing a series of portraits to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of black men and women.

– R. Alannah Morrison

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I’ve been part of this project and gave my experience :


Experience: Day 13 of my #28daysofmelanin

« Growing up in white Europe, in a French-speaking region, there was always the assumption that it was better to be black (black American) than noire (African diaspora). « Black » was used to wash away Africanness. People would even say « Vous les black » instead of « Vous les noirs » thinking that is a compliment. I relate more to the term « noire » for those reasons. My experience of being noire is to be othered, mostly in a objectifying, irrespectful and violent way associated with a disgust for Africa… but it is also my biggest source of strength, deep common experience, community feeling and challenging journey. I would never wish to be someone else, to get away from my négritude/african-ness/blackness. It ‘s definitely part of who I am and I am proud of that. »

– Po B. K. Lomami