e x t r a c t

EXTRACT was a project bringing international and Swedish artists and speakers of color in Linköping, Sweden, and inviting locals to join, contribute and interact. The content was based on the synergies and dynamics created during the life-time of the project.

Starting with an empty space… DIY and improvised library, exhibitions, installations, reading/writting sessions, fanzine workshops, music production… or just chilling, anything visitors, soon contributors, are interested in doing. A work always in progress.


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Moreover, we had a larger event every month on a simple principle : art.talk.party.
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Fall 2016 :

s e p t e m b e r
o c t o b e r
n o v e m b e r
s o u n d t r a c k

    Guests : RXBY (SE), Poema Jones (NL), Ill Syll (BE), Bee Nasser (SE), Samra Habib (CA), Rudy Loewe (UK), Tarek Lakhrissi (FR), Leila Glovert (FR), Sister Justice (SE), Jin Haritaworn (DE & CA)
     Talks : “afro people + art : space, time, action”, “queer muslim narratives”, “art world and people of color : inclusion or alternative spaces”, “archiving against  queer nostalgia”