g16, Sweden’s biggest gender research conference takes place in Linköping and tackles crucial social issues under the theme “Boundaries, Mobility and Mobilization”. The conference will be an opportunity to mingle with gender researchers, experts, practitioners, feminist activists, and colleagues. The conference will be held from 23–25 November 2016 in cooperation with team Genus and Linköping University.
More info : http://www.genus.se/en/g16/

EXTRACT has been invited to be part of it :

Keynote of Jin Haritaworn “Archiving against queer nostalgia”
Wednesday 23 November 18.00 to 19.00, Linköping Konsert & Kongress, Garden
More info : http://www.genus.se/en/g16/keynote-speakers/archiving-against-queer-nostalgia/

Exhibition of “Just me and Allah” of Samra Habib
Thursday 24 November from 6 pm to the end of the party at Kollektivet
More info : http://cargocollective.com/samrahabib


About what happend at g16 (extract november) :

Letter of Jin Haritaworn 

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I am the person they are referring to when writing : “the person of colour who had been hired to introduce me and who had been on the stage with me just one night earlier, and from which we subsequently went missing.”

[…]A key moment at the conference for me was hearing about the Black Lives Matter movement in Sweden, and witnessing the Black and Indigenous solidarity that was expressed during the final keynote by Victoria Kawesa. I hope that the neo-Nazi presence at that event, and the threat to the safety of the Black people and people of colour on and off stage, will be addressed. It was disheartening to be silenced and patronized after the lecture, when two white female audience members scolded and shushed a group of us who were trying to make a safety plan on our own. When we addressed this with them, we were harassed by security guards. These white cis-women and other audience members were looking on with glee and indifference as the guards pushed us and told us to leave the space. It was ironic to have security try to remove me from a conference I’d been invited to as keynote speaker, along with the person of colour who had been hired to introduce me and who had been on the stage with me just one night earlier, and from which we subsequently went missing. It was ironic that at a gender studies event programmed with intersectionality in mind, where terms like solidarity and anti-fascism had been regularly invoked, white cis-women colluded in identifying us as the real security threat, while we were left to our own devices in navigating our way through the night, with a significant neo-Nazi presence still nearby. It was ironic but unsurprising, given the contexts of rising racism and police violence, and the lack of allyship skills displayed by many majority-white spaces and movements, that Kawesa and I had discussed during our keynotes – a securitization that time and again treats white women as victims and people of colour as threats, and renders trans and queer people of colour in particular a disposable source of disturbance and irritation. It was unsurprising also given the hesitancy that majority-white spaces and single-issue movements continue to display in showing up as allies for women, queers and trans people who lack race and class privileges, who are rarely valued as equal community members rather than as tokens or entertainers.[…]

Followed by answers :

A discussion between Gender in Sweden and Silje Lundgren, conference coordinator from Tema Genus, the department of Gender Studies in Linköping

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Inaccurate information in this text : in fact, I’m the one who read the statement of Jin Haritaworn.

“During the closing session of the conference, we read Jin Haritaworn’s statement to all participants. We are also continuing a dialogue with, and have apologised to, two of the individuals who were asked to leave.”

Reply from the #g16 organizing committee to Jin Haritaworn

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